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'.NETTER Code Starter Pack ' contains a gallery of Visual Studio 2010 solutions leveraging latest and new technologies released by Microsoft. Each Visual Studio solution included here is focused to provide a very simple starting point for cutting edge development technologies and framework, using well known Northwind database. The current release of this project includes starter samples for the following technologies:
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data QuickStart (TBD)
  • Azure Service Platform
    • Windows Azure Hello World
    • Windows Azure Storage Simple CRUD
  • Database Scripts
  • Entity Framework 4.0 (TBD)
  • SharePoint 2010
    • Visual Web Part Linq QuickStart
  • Silverlight
    • Business App Hello World
    • WCF RIA Services QuickStart
  • Utility Framework
    • MEF
    • Moq QuickStart
    • T-4 QuickStart
    • Unity QuickStart
  • WCF
    • WCF Data Services QuickStart
    • WCF Hello World
  • WorkFlow Foundation
  • Web API
    • Facebook Toolkit QuickStart

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